Sunday, September 6, 2015

August EOM Update

Another month down. Like everyone else the portfolios are in the red which is no fun but it did open up the possibility for buying opportunities and I took a few during the downturn. I actually wish I had more cash to deploy, everything I like is on sale.

Total dividends received was: $300.74 -this was the first month I received over $300 in dividends. I'm not counting July with the Kraft special payment. I'm officially over my goal for the year this month which is awesome since we have another quarter to go.



  • added to KO @38.17 per share
  • added to BMO @50.77 per share
  • added to WPK @23.40 per share
  • initiate position in GSK @44.05 per share
  • sold BBL at a loss - not happy about the emotional decision :-/ 
    • considering a reentry due to dividend yield but have to wait the 30days to not have a wash sale, plus i had buyers remorse since i bought it hence the sale. dunno. thoughts?
  • initiate position in STAG @19.39 per share
Loyal 3:
  • added to DIS 
  • added to HSY
  • added to INTC
  • added to BUD
  • added to FTR

Reading: I have a lot of DGI type blogs in the feed but my favorite reads this month are:

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