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You are probably here because of Dividend Stocks. So start with these links:

Introduction To Dividends (Investopedia)

Dividend Stocks: The Essential Guide (Dividend Monk)

How to become a successful dividend investor (Dividend Growth Investor)

How to retire in 10 years with dividend stocks (Dividend Growth Investor)

Dividend Investing Knowledge Accumulates Like Compound Interest (Dividend Growth Investor)

How To Build Passive Income For Financial Independence (Financial Samurai) 

About Me:

If you want to know anything else, just ask :-)

If you want to see where I put my portfolio holdings are here:

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I used to post shared articles on the blog. Only articles that I want here for posterity will be posted here now. Shared articles end up on the Facebook Page and Twitter. I recommend you follow whichever one you like better. The content is the same.


I like YNAB the best. It really helped me get a handle on where all the money goes each month. There is a referral link on this post:

Where I stick my money:

I like the TD Ameritrade Think or Swim platform the best

I also use Loyal3 and Motif

Posts I think you should read (that aren't position updates):

Things I wish I knew when I started getting a paycheck

Getting Kids Interested In Investing With Motif

Books I think are worth reading on Personal Finance (this list will grow over time):

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