Sunday, November 22, 2015

October EOM Update

Oops I've been traveling for work and failed to do an update. So here it is. Better late than never.

Total dividends received was: $193.16. This is 838.58% over my October 2014  dividends received of $20.58. Like I mentioned in last month's update I started this DGI journey 2nd half of 2014 so I'll receive less giant % differences starting in January 2016. Also not sure if I've mentioned it before or lately but I have exceeded my 2015 goal of $1500.00 in dividends.  I've set a pretty aggressive target for 2016 ($3600.00) so we'll see how I do.



  • added to CAT @65.53 per share
  • initiate position in LCI @46.60 per share
  • initiate position in SBNY @142.3999 per share
  • initiate position in WMT @60.065 per share
  • no stock purchases, only added to target date fund 
Loyal 3:
  • added to KO
  • added to KHC
  • bought FDC @16.00 per share (speculative - no plans to add more)
  • bought WMT @59.00 per share