Friday, October 16, 2015

WMT Purchase

While I'm not a fan of Walmart personally, I like deals.  So I bought

12 shares @$60.73 in my taxable account  (10/14/15) and  8.4746 shares @$59.00 in my Loyal 3 account (10/16/15).

This adds $40.13 to my yearly forward dividend income.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

September EOM Update

Another month down. Like everyone else the portfolios are in the red which is no fun but it did open up the possibility for buying opportunities and I took a few during the downturn. I actually wish I had more cash to deploy, everything I like is on sale.

Total dividends received was: $234.72. This is 4904.69% over my September 2014  dividends received of $4.69. This isnt super interesting as I started the DGI journey late in 2014 but I'm excited to finally start having data to compare against and I'm excited to compare 2015 to 2016.



  • added to XOM @72.55 per share
  • added to TEF @13.75 per share
  • initiate position in IDV @28.69 per share
  • initiate position in EMR @47.10 per share
  • initiate position in CAT @73.90 per share
  • bought OHI @33.20 per share
Loyal 3:
  • added to TGT 
  • added to UL
  • added to KO