Saturday, April 30, 2016

April EOM Update

Total dividends received was: $263.77. This is 140% over my April 2015 dividends received of $109.68. I am currently less than $100 behind my goal progress, so I should be ok going forward.


Taxable (none --sitting on $$ for the adjustment apocalypse)

Loyal 3:
  • added to AXP
  • added to DIS
  • added to INTC
  • Initiate TSLA @~$252 (wish I had decided to do this when it was sub 200. I plan to add monthly. If for some reason this tanks after earnings I'll throw some extra bullets I've been saving at it)
  • added to STWD @ 18.46
  • added to PFE @ 29.59 (March)