Disclaimer and Privacy

Disclaimer and Privacy

It is worth reviewing the disclaimer and privacy policy before interacting with the Hack Your Finances Blog.

Legal Disclaimer

Hack Your Finances Blog provides articles primarily on investing and personal finance. All content is provided “as is” with no guarantee for accuracy. While attention is put towards providing high-quality, accurate content, the writer of this site is not a certified financial professional or lawyer. As such, all content is provided only for entertainment purposes. Consult professional financial advisers for qualified, personalized financial, tax, or legal advice.
All content on hackyourfinances.blogspost.com is protected by copyright. 
The website is intended to be used only by adults.
All links to third party websites are not guaranteed. I try to link to high-quality sites only, but I have no control over external sites.

Affiliate Disclosure

Links to Amazon from Hack Your Finances are typically affiliate links, which means I receive a commission by Amazon for sales through that link. It does not affect the purchase price from a consumer standpoint. Any other affiliates besides Amazon, and which are not clearly intended as advertising, will be disclosed to the reader for transparency. Assume affiliate links always, although I will make clear if I am ever paid to promote or review a product.

Privacy Policy

Currently Hack Your Finances makes use of Google's Blogger platform. Google's privacy policy is located here: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/?hl=en
Anonymous comments are allowed but all comments are moderated.
I reserve the right to amend the legal disclaimer or privacy policy at any time.

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