Friday, January 1, 2016

Goals for 2016

Going to keep it simple for 2016

1. According to the spreadsheet I have a 1 year forward dividend estimate of  $4100 so the goal for next year will be $4200, which puts me in at  $350 dollars a month in dividends. This should be easy enough to achieve but I wont be seeing growth like this year next year due to a job change (losing equity and 401k match).

2. Two blog posts a month. One will be the EOM wrap-up which leaves one "real" post to impart thoughts or anything I've learned.

3. My savings rate for 2015 was 28%. I'd like to beat that next year.  I've spent a bit of work this year reducing expenses and plan to continue doing that this year where I can (at least one contract is up and can cancel without penalty).  The plan to achieve this is to spend less money on crap I don't need. YNAB has been helping with this throughout the year but it is still tough.

4. Consolidate wife's old 401k's into her current 401k or a IRA.

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