Sunday, January 31, 2016

January EOM Update

Total dividends received was: $187.33. This is 423.31% over my January 2015 dividends received of $35.79. 



  • BRS @19.3378 and @16.59

  • none -- new job and 401k has no brokeragelink option so this will drop off until/if/when they add the option.
Loyal 3:
  • added to  DPS
  • added to UL
  • added to DIS
  • added to STWD @20.53
  • initiate position in CMI @88.65
  • added to RY @52.23
  • added to STON @27.014
  • added to BP @30.509    
  • added to EMR @45.75       (should have put the buy limit lower :-/)
  • added to PID @12.18 with CB money*
CB merger ended up selling original CB and giving me .60 shares of new CB.    Not sure how to approach this on the Dividends for the month front.  I had 10.x shares now i have 6 and $663.13. As I received  a regular dividend payment for CB I'll just count that for the time being. I suppose its irrelevant as I don't list the value of any portfolios.

If you got this far. Thanks for reading!

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